Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vignette From our Home at 9:58pm Last Night

Mr. Robert P. Tracey (in a thick New Yawk accent...): "Yeah, someone from this number called PetFinders about placing two cats."

Me: "Um, no we didn't."

Mr. Robert P. Tracey: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Um, yeah. Pretty sure."

Mr. Robert P. Tracey: "Is this 239/245-2859?"

Me: "No. This is 239/245-xxxx."

Mr. Robert P. Tracey: "Are you absolutely sure nobody from that number called about placing the cats?"

Me: (Inner dialogue: Mr. Robert P. Tracey, sir, I assure you that no one from our household called PetFinders from our home line to inquire about placing two cats. Really. I promise. Beyond the fact that we rarely use our home phone, much less at 9:58pm, and that our number isn't 239/245-2859, we are not cat people. Oh, Mr. Tracey, if you only knew just how vehemently we are not cat people...) "Yes. I am absolutely sure."


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

On certain days he should give me a call as I have two cats that are in danger of being homeless!!! :)

Anonymous said...

New mantra: recommit to your goals whenever you get around to it.

*pab said...

yeah, yeah i know.

Kevin said...

So are ours! I'm starting to think they would make great target practice at Aunt JJ's!