Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making a Brave Effort

I'm no longer in the running for the NaBloPoMo booty. Heck, I don't think I was EVER in the running since I never really got around to sending my blog name to Mrs. Kennedy; but, whatever. I digress.

Given that the only two people who read my blog with any regularity were with me for supper tonight (awesomely yummy vittles, by the way, Ash...), I am taking a pass on truly thoughtful posting in favor of nursing my two-day-sore-throat-that-just-isn't-getting-any-better. I'm currently drinking Ashley's preferred remedy: two bags of Sleepytime steeped in a cup of boiling water, mixed with two TBSP each of lemon juice, honey and (halleleuia, thank you Lord for the Hollow at Lynchburg...) Black Jack. I'll be out in three minutes, without my $200 in Monopoly money.

In other news, it was a B-E-A-YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-TEEEEEEEEE-FUL weekend in Southwest Florida, and the Gators are now #3 (or #4, depending on which poll you favor); they are #4 in the BCS poll - the ridiculous three-computer-generated list of who plays who in the bowl games. Ashley's prediction: UF vs. TX in the BCS Title Game. I concur. South Beach, woot! woot!

Also, I really wish someone would tell me how to do that strike-through font so I can be clever without parentheses.

If I were speaking aloud right now, I'd be slurring my words. It is past time for bed.


karen said...

Hey! *I* read your blog with awesome regularity and I was not part of yummy vittles...what's up with that? I'm not a great commenter because I often read blogs from my phone, while on the train and haven't figured out how to comment from my phone (yes, total technological lameness). Hope your throat feels better soon and that neither Z nor PG succumb.

Anonymous said...

I, too, read your blog. In fact, I am a registered follower!(smile)
Hope your throat is much better.
Kisses and hugs to all.
Love, Aunt Laura

LMP said...

ME TOO! Also, Karen, I don't know how to comment from my phone either, except to place a call.

Anonymous said...

I look at your blog sometimes. But only for the articles.

karen said...

I'd say send your numbers and I'll phone in my comments...but you'd probably send letter bombs in return since I'm usually on the train at 6:40am.