Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Start of the Summer Cold Season

It finally happened (sort of...) We took Zane to the doctor this morning for a medical evaluation of lingering head congestion and a worsening cough. PG and I knew this would happen sooner or later; and, in our case, it was later. Z is nearly six months old and he has yet to run a fever or require medication of any sort (thus my "sort of" caveat at the beginning of this post) But last night, when he woke up crying at 11:34pm, 12:22am, 1:47am, 3:04am, 4:44am, and 5:24am, his breathing sounded terrible and he had a wicked cough.

Aside from increased fussiness when he is sleepy - and fighting it - you would think the congestion and cough ain't nuttin' but a thang for the Z-man. He is still our happy, smiley, talkative and joyful little buddy.

I'm happy to report the doctor's prognosis is excellent: his ears are completely clear; his lungs are completely clear; and he has no fever. What we've got here is a common summer cold. I am so thankful. We are supremely blessed with a healthy little boy. Here's hoping the comfort measures recommended by the doctor and the other nice mama checkout (Vick's Vaporub applied to the feet and covered with socks) will help him sleep today and tonight.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look Mama, No Pants!

This is what happens when Big Papa gets Zane dressed for the day. They are such hambones.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Sweetness and Smiles Series

Zane is a super happy and content little man. He's even got the sophisticated chair-sit down pat. Yeah, he's cool like that. These pix are from this morning. PG and I are treated every morning to sweetness, smiles, happy coos and, in the last two weeks, full-on giggles!

Chillin' in the La-Z-Boy.

What'chu lookin' at?

Just getting wound up...

Here we go....

Look how big I smile!

Starting to giggle...

Giggle in full effect. It's amazing PG captured these shots. We were cracking up!

First Dip in the 'Cuzzi

Look Mama! I'm swimmin'!

...okay, not really, but he seems to love the water. Of course, it was heated to 96 degrees - much like a bath - and he was with his Papa (Mama was taking pictures...)
Look at that sweet face...I just love his crooked little grin in this shot.
See those clenched fists? He is starting to unclench them now, just as "the book" said he would. He is growing so fast!
My two very handsome fellas!

Returning to Faith

On March 22, 2008, PG and I had Zane baptized. I'm not a church-going gal, but I believe in God. If ever there were a time that I questioned "God," my questions were answered - and my faith in Him restored - when I learned I was pregnant with Zane. Despite all precautions to the contrary, here we are, two people who never thought we would have children, with a beautiful baby boy, and a life that is enriched beyond what either of us ever imagined. That is the power of God.
It is very true that we both flipped our s*%t when two positive home pregnancy test results were confirmed by my doctor. It is very true that it took a little while for both of us to get our head around becoming "three." And, I believe this to my core, it is very true that God himself was - and still is - intervening directly in our lives. He said, "take that leap of in me...and I will take care of you."
And He did.
I had an easy pregnancy until the last three weeks. I was not sick; I did not gain too much weight; I had two doctors caring for me; and delivery, while scary, was not as bad as I expected. And Zane has been a dream baby: he is healthy, sweet, willing to breastfeed, a good sleeper, and developing right on schedule.
We took that leap, we trusted Him and we are so blessed. We named our boy Zane because we like the meaning: gracious gift of God. It felt only right, then, to commit our child to Him.
We chose a beach on Captiva Island for the ceremony because we wanted Zane to be baptized with saltwater, and because we're not "church-y" people...we believe God resides in the whole of the universe, not just within the four walls of a church building. And we really wanted Phil's Uncle Marlo - a retired Lutheran minister - to officiate the service. As it turned out, Uncle Marlo and Aunt Marlene just happened to be in Florida during the weekend we were hoping to plan the occasion. March 22nd was also significant in that 3/22/2007 was the date I became pregnant with Zane. And it was a full moon.
If you know anything about PG and me, you know we strongly believe in the power of the universe and that everything happens for a reason. God said, "you are going to be parents, and you are going to do it now, but in return, I will give you a beautiful, sweet and healthy baby boy, and more joy than you ever thought possible." What a deal! Here are photos from that perfect day:
Gathered for the ceremony. PG's Uncle Marlo - a retired Lutheran minister - officiated the baptism. Our dear friend, Jim Phillips, agreed to be Zane's Godfather. My dear sister, Ashley, agreed to be Zane's Godmother. The shell Ashley is holding was found by our father in the Keys. Uncle Marlo used it to scoop ocean water to baptize Zane.

Reading from the Bible.

The water was a bit chilly.

Zane is an old soul. I just know it. In his pictures, he (almost) always looks at peace. I know he was at peace in this moment, and that makes me happy.

Blessing the child.
Proud Papa.

With Cousin Derek - er, Cousin "D" - at the reception following the baptism. Cousin D is absolutely one of my most favorite people on the face of this Earth.

Zane and Papa

First Trip to the Beach

Living in Southwest Florida has a lot of benefits - like going to the beach in mid-February. This was Zane's first trip to the beach.

Long Overdue Updates

Z and I are finally back in Fort Myers after our grueling 9-week-long sojourn in Tallahassee for Session. To say we are glad to be home would be the understatement of the century. It was quite an adventure: challenging, rewarding, sweet, frustrating and empowering all at once; and I am glad it is over.

Zane did a LOT of growing in the last three months. At his 4-month checkup, he measured 24.5 inches long and weighed 12 lbs.

What follows are several pictorial updates featuring our precious Baby Zane.