Thursday, July 3, 2008

14 Pounds, 5 Ounces

I don't know if Zane is now, officially, back on the weight chart; but I don't care. He officially weighs 14 lbs., 5 oz. He has gained 1 lb., 10 oz. since his six-month checkup.

I was pretty upset two weeks ago, but I have since discovered the silver lining: the doctor's orders to add one meal of "solids" and one supplemental bottle of formula to our daily feeding schedule has resulted in a very nice daily routine that Z seems to love. We have achieved eagerness for every spoonful of food presented, with nary a pacifier in sight; and the open mouth, happily anticipating the yummy nutritional goodness, is no longer elusive. It's like a switch was flipped on and now (dare I say it...?) he loves to eat.

He is also sleeping better. It matters not whether the restful sleep is a result of the formula itself, or if the act of drinking a bottle has become an indicator of bedtime. Whatever the reasons, Zane is a happy little kid and that makes life so much fun.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Yippee....that's a great gain for our baby boy. He surely did eat well when I was there last week. Keep up the good work mama and pops! xoxo

Chaotic Joy said...

How wonderful that his new schedule that is working for everyone. Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about the whole thing.