Saturday, June 28, 2008

WARNING: Over-the-top Proud Mama Post

Okay, our kid is SUPER smart. Even when he is asleep. Check it: when I put him down for his morning nap today, it was our usual routine: lots of kisses and crooning, pacifier and my blankets (yes, Mama, you were right. Zane loves my blankets, and I happily give them over to him when he needs them.)

As he fell asleep, the pacifier was firmly suctioned between his lips and his tiny little hand was grasping the blue blanket to his nose. When I went in to check on him 45 minutes later, the pacifier was gently placed on the blue blanket that had been pushed away slightly. That was no big surprise. A fun fact about Z is his very judicious use of the pacifier. He frequently falls asleep with it, and will either spit it out or pull it out of his mouth when he no longer needs the comfort for restful slumber.

The big moment happened during my second check of my sleeping genius. This time the pacifier was back in his mouth. So, without waking, he had grabbed the pacifier from its spot atop the blue blanket and inserted it back into his mouth. Notwithstanding the fine display of motor skills and self-soothing, our little Z was smart enough to remember where he stashed the binky. I'm so proud.


karen said...

A sign of absolute genius! My three boys are pretty smart but none of them can find a single thing. Not one thing. If they need it, it cannot be found by them. Z has it all over my lumps and you should be totally proud!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Of course he is smart. He is my grandson after all.... I love it that he is now giving me hugs and kisses! xoxo

LMP said...

Clearly a man with a plan. Not just brilliant, no, but someone who knows what he wants and how to set a goal and reach it! He will go far in this life. Far, indeed. Is it too soon to plant a bug in his ear regarding running for office?

*pab said...

@Queen of All: thanks! I hadn't thought of the potential for finding things in the future!

@lmp: it's NEVER too soon. Even if his last name will never fit on a yard sign. Maybe he'll just have to adopt Jeb Bush's style and use "ZANE!"