Friday, June 13, 2008

Six Months at Warp Speed

Half-birthdays are HUGE in kids' lives. I remember being very proud of my "halfs" - as in, "I'm free and a HAFF."

Yesterday marked the 6-month point in Zane's first year of life. Our boy is a whole HAFF old! We have enjoyed every single second with our little buddy, and it just gets more fun every day! In the picture below, he was less than 1 minute old. He had us at hello, or "waaaaahhhh."

Now, he looks like this:

His 6-month checkup with the pediatrician is not until next Tuesday; but, here are some fun facts about Zane:

  1. His "Peter fingers" are the yummiest fingers ever made!
  2. We are supremely blessed that he is willing to breastfeed. We are not, however, thrilled that he vehemently resists a bottle, even a bottle filled with Mama's milk.
  3. He is eating "solid" foods once far he likes pears, peaches, prunes, applesauce, bananas and butternut squash. He is not so fond of the rice cereal. When he starts eating solids twice daily we'll probably jettison the cereal...
  4. He can roll over from tummy to back, and back to tummy.
  5. He IS losing his hair. He still has a good bit of the long hair on top, and he can sport a kickass comb-over look.
  6. He loves being outside, and he loves the water.
  7. He has a passport and will make his first international trip in August when we travel to Penticton, BC to cheer on PG in the Ironman Canada. Yeah, he's cool like that.
  8. He wears size 2 diapers, but still fits into 0-3 month size clothes (don't even get me started on vanity sizing in infant clothing...)
  9. He is starting to pull up toward sitting positions.
  10. He is a morning there anything better than smiles and coos and giggles from a baby first thing in the morning?
  11. He is VERY observant and alert.
  12. He does not fuss about his car seat (Thank you, Lord, for that particular blessing...)
  13. He is VERY attached to his Mama.
  14. He is learning to reach for Mama and Pop when we say "up? up?" It's really cute...he'll reach for us, smile big and get all excited, to the point where it appears he will lose control of his arms!
  15. He does NOT have any teeth (yet) but we expect to see one any time now.
  16. He had his first bout with illness only a week ago at 5 months, four weeks. Still, no fever yet (I'm convinced it's the breastfeeding...)
  17. He loves his Mama's blankets. Sigh.
  18. He falls asleep with a pacifier, but spits it out or pulls it out of his mouth when he no longer needs it. When that happens, his lips purse into the sweetest little rosebud-like pout.
  19. He has his Pop's eyebrows, hairline, cowlick, thighs, feet and the little flume between his nose and upper lip. He has his Mama's eyes, face shape, chin and lips. It remains to be seen whose nose he will inherit. Either way, he's in for a doozy. Oy!
  20. His eyes are still blue, but they are starting to change ever so slightly. He now has faint traces of amber and green hues mixed in with the blue.
  21. He sleeps from about 10:30pm to about 6:00am, with maybe one awakening during the night (at least, that was the drill THIS week...and I'm hoping that continues...he WAS sleeping through the night during Session)
  22. When he sneezes, he ALWAYS sneezes twice.
  23. We haven't dropped him (yet)
  24. He hasn't toppled over, or fallen off anything (yet)
  25. He is the light of our life.
  26. He is a blessing.
  27. He is our gracious gift from God.


karen said...

So much of this reminds me of Ross (our first) as a baby! Reading your post reminded me of many, many happy memories. When he gets home tonight, I'm sure I will see his sweet baby face peeking out from under the sweat and dirt of a 9-1/2 year old kid who's just spent several hours on a playground with his friends!

Sister K said...

aw...precious :)

LMP said...

Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Before you know it, he'll be talking to you, and OH the things he'll say!

Epiphany Alone said...

Aww. So precious. Lin also had decided once she took to nursing that bottles were terrible even with Mama's milk. Since I was only away from her on Saturdays during class this wasn't a huge issue for us. Around 10 months (and I know that sounds like an eternity) we went right to a sippy cup. So, wordily I am saying that not liking a bottle proved useful to me for the bottle-to-cup transition.