Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kyle & Todd

I have just returned from babysitting the two reigning "most precious little boys on the planet" - my nephews, Kyle and Todd. My sister has frequently chastised me for the lack of blog space accorded to her children...and with good reason. Not only are they beautiful children, they are just as sweet-hearted as they are cute. As I put them down for bed tonight - amid repeated requests from Kyle for "just one more hug, Auntie" and from Todd, "I kiss you on forehead, Auntie" - I realized just how blessed I am to be their Auntie and how much I love that role in their lives.
I have been told that we cannot know the depths of love until we hold our own child for the first time. We'll see, on or about December 29th of this year. In the meantime, I'm lucky to catch more than rare glimpses of it in my nephews.

*Post script: sheesh! If I'm THIS gushy about my nephews, I may need the Paxil to prevent me from drowning in mush about my own child! My apologies to Senor Scientologist...I apologize for being glib.

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Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Sounds like you had a good evening of babysitting with K & T. They are precious little boys and just melt my heart like they do yours. Not long now before I will have yet another little one to wrap me around a little finger. Love you.