Tuesday, March 13, 2007


WTF? is my new favorite acronym. Not only does it remind me of the scene in Sideways where Jack yells at Miles for "going to the darkside," but it's also a very handy way to express frustration without cussing the cause of that frustration.

My fondness for this acronym has deepened over the last two days. It has become the title of my version of Things You Need to Be Told. I like to think the Etiquette Grrrls would be pleased with this new iteration of their seminal work on the subject. After all, the world is still the opposite of kind and gentle; and more than ever, people seem to be ill-mannered, inconsiderate, impolite - and completely oblivious to their bad manners.

The Florida Capitol is an excellent case-study in the proper use of WTF?, as there are many, many, many people who need to be told many, many, MANY things. Things like, "hey, snot-nose lobbyist, my desk is where I work, so please remove your fat ass from the top of my workspace." Or, "no, dumbass, clueless, illiterate, this is not the information desk; I am working here. Please read the directional signs to find your destination." Or take your pick from any of the following: "my desk is not a garbage bin; it is poor form to stand in another person's workspace and converse loudly on a cellular phone; it is inconsiderate to 'lobby' someone while said person is on a business call; it is plain rude - and a bit creepy! - to hover behind and over someone while they are working; I am working on a deadline, so, no, I can't just stop (for the 100th time today...) for 'just two minutes' to listen to your (non-important) issue." WTF?

Session is in full effect in the Florida Capitol. GRRRRRRRRR!!!


Kicking N. Screaming said...

Hey, welcome back to blogging, I've missed you! Sounds like you could use a nice, quiet office far away from everyone else. Does Tallahassee have wireless? You could go work on a sofa at the local Starbucks...

Pat said...

I couldn't comment from my work email and just this minute got back on home computer. Feel your pain. In the grocery store yesterday, not once, not twice but three times someone reached over, pushed me out of the way to get to something I was perusing. Not even an excuse me, could ja move over, just rudeness. I am beginning to think I am invisible just like my car when people cut her off in traffic. Hang in there honey, it's only a few more weeks. Love you.