Thursday, December 7, 2006


Today marks nine years since my father died. The significance of the date landed on me with a thud. In the last nine years, not a single day has passed without me missing him or repeating my silent prayer that he stay close to me. Still, in the busy goings-on of daily life, it took a teaser story about Pearl Harbor to remind me that today is December 7th. Life proceeding normally and then, Thud.

Normalcy is bittersweet. Losing my father is the single-worst thing I've had to endure as a human, so, on December 7, 1997, the "normalcy" of the surrounding world really ticked me off. How could the universe not skip a beat? How could life possibly be normal again? But, happily, it is. Somehow the universe always seems to take care of us, even when we don't know it.

So, here's to Ed - this cheer's for you!


Anonymous said...

One thing I can be really sure of in this world is that your Dad would be ever so proud of you, your sister and yes, me. Our world was knocked topsy-turvy in Dec 1997, but we continued to live life to the fullest and have found happiness incl so many wonderful memories of him. And those grandboys!I am sure he is smiling down on all of us. Did you see the beautiful moon Tuesday night? Just my Ed smiling!! Love Mama

*pab said...

I DID see the moon! Gorgeous!