Friday, December 8, 2006

It's Not Even December 20th...

...but, Old Man Winter has arrived in Florida.

When I lived in the ATL, my acclimation to the cold(er) weather was quick and complete. I lived there for three years and each year it snowed. I would visit my family for Christmas and return to a snow-covered Atlanta...WITH A SUNTAN. Still, that didn't stop me from snickering when either my mama or my sister would shiver in 60-degree weather. Somehow, in a way I really can't explain, I just became accustomed to the sustained cold weather that pretty much began right after my birthday and didn't stop until the annual Dogwood Festival.

Now that I live in Fort Myers, my re-acclimation to the hot weather has been less than quick and complete. But, I am a total sissy when I comes to cooler weather. I guess I'm like Goldilocks, I like my weather "just right."

For the last six weeks, the weather has been "just right" - GORGEOUS, in fact. Clear, warm and sunny days have given way to clear, cool, starry-skied nights. We've been able to keep our windows and sliders open day and night, and during our nightly dips into the jacuzzi, both Phil and I have caught ourselves humming Jimmy Buffett "I am umbilically connected to the temperate zone..." while staring at Orion in the southern sky.

Perhaps it is karma. Perhaps Old Man Winter is enjoying a touch of
Schadenfreude. Or, perhaps it's just that time of year. But, last night when I went to bed (at 11:00pm) the weather was the typically beautiful Florida fall evening: 60-ish, clear, starry sky, lightly breezy and not humid. This morning I woke up in an igloo.

Thankfully, I sleep with my own personal radiator (read: Phil).

Seriously, though, the "wake-up" temperature this morning was 44 degrees - not to mention the 15-20mph wind conditions. Oy! Pretty rough stuff for someone who has lost all acclimation to sustained cold weather. Not to mention mostly all-cotton clothing and open-toed shoes.

Tonight, we're supposed to see 40-degree overnight lows - in FORT MYERS, people!!!...that is WAY far south on the Gulf Coast of Florida! Still, I have my personal radiator (aka the love of my life), my
Ugg slippers, the jacuzzi, and that beautiful starry-skied night. Sweet dreams!

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