Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Start of the Summer Cold Season

It finally happened (sort of...) We took Zane to the doctor this morning for a medical evaluation of lingering head congestion and a worsening cough. PG and I knew this would happen sooner or later; and, in our case, it was later. Z is nearly six months old and he has yet to run a fever or require medication of any sort (thus my "sort of" caveat at the beginning of this post) But last night, when he woke up crying at 11:34pm, 12:22am, 1:47am, 3:04am, 4:44am, and 5:24am, his breathing sounded terrible and he had a wicked cough.

Aside from increased fussiness when he is sleepy - and fighting it - you would think the congestion and cough ain't nuttin' but a thang for the Z-man. He is still our happy, smiley, talkative and joyful little buddy.

I'm happy to report the doctor's prognosis is excellent: his ears are completely clear; his lungs are completely clear; and he has no fever. What we've got here is a common summer cold. I am so thankful. We are supremely blessed with a healthy little boy. Here's hoping the comfort measures recommended by the doctor and the other nice mama checkout (Vick's Vaporub applied to the feet and covered with socks) will help him sleep today and tonight.

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LMP said...

The vapor rub on the feet thing really works. Enjoy being able to keep socks on his feet while you can. It won't be long before he's theatrically ripping them off moments after you complete your struggle to get them over his cute, pink piggies.

Get well soon, Little Z!