Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Valentine for My Valentine

About one year into our blissful togetherness, Peegie and I agreed that we would make our Valentine's Day gifts to each other.

Peegie is extremely creative. Over the last eight years, I have received Chippendale's calendars customized with pictures of Peegie's face juxtaposed onto the dancers' bodies; Peegie Picnics; a hand-drawn hieroglyphic that says "Peegie and Paige, Best Friends Forever;" and many other equally imaginative and thoughtful gifts.

Peegie is also a planner, which means that major holidays never sneak up on him. Even Valentine's Day, with the whole "let's make the gifts" thing. He is always prepared, and always knocks my socks off with a handmade gift that tops the gift from the year before.

I am neither creative, nor a planner. Despite the fact that Valentine's Day happens every year on February 14, somehow I always end up in a panic on February 13, no handmade gift and, even worse, no good ideas. Clearly, Peegie is a much better Valentine to me than I am to him.

So, this year, Peegie was away from home on a business trip on Valentine's Day. As he was packing, I confessed to him that I had not done anything at all about Valentine's Day; and he confided to me that he had not planned anything either. With that, we both looked at our beautiful Zane and agreed, "we made a gift!" That was February 12.

On February 13, the day Peegie left for his trip, I found tiny candy hearts at each location of my daily routine: a heart next to my glass of water on the shelf at my bedside (that I would find while nursing Zane); a heart on top of my Carmex tin in the medicine cabinet; a heart inside the refrigerator by the milk; a heart in my leftover Cake Batter ice cream from Coldstone; a heart by my sunglasses, and still another on the console of his Expedition (that I would have found immediately, had I driven his car that day.) When I thanked him for the love bombs disguised as conversation hearts, he said, "even though I can't be there, I wanted to do something for you on Valentine's Day because I love you." That's my man: always thinking of ways to show how much he loves me; and, truth be told, every day is like Valentine's Day around here.

So, it's another Valentine's Day, and Peegie has managed to pull it off with aplomb, and I've got nothing. Nothing but a keyboard, that is; so, here's my Valentine to you, my love:

Thank you for loving me the way you do, and thank you for not making me choose between the two loves of my life. Thank you for always supporting my dreams, and for being my best friend and partner. Thank you for allowing me to grow into the person I am meant to be, and for giving me the space to show up new and different. Thank you for Zane, and for being a most wonderful and excellent Pop. Thank you for sharing your imagination with me, and for creating so much fun and adventure in our life. Thank you for taking the leap with me, and for creating a life with me (now us!) in Fort Myers. Thank you for being mine. You have my heart, always. I love you. xxoo

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