Monday, February 11, 2008

5:00AM Can Be Really Funny

Having an 8-week-old baby in the house means that Peegie and I experience the 5:00AM hour quite frequently. Like most people, neither Peegie nor I find much humor in the 5:00AM hour. All of that changed this morning.

We have established a pretty good nursing/sleeping routine for Zane: nurse at 10:00PM/11:00PM, burp, swaddle, comfort, kiss repeatedly, down to sleep until 4:00AM/5:00AM. When Zane awakens to nurse, Peegie gets up with him to change his diaper and brings him to me to nurse. This morning, as they came back into the bedroom, Peegie was laughing convulsively. At 5:00AM.

Zane loves to be swaddled. He is a snuggler and will immediately settle into sleep when swaddled. Apparently, he also loves to stretch. Hence the convulsive laughter at 5:00AM this morning. As Peegie began unwrapping Zane to change his diaper, Zane began stretching and groaning (the type of groan that generally accompanies a good stretch...) The groaning and stretching continued in perfect harmony as Peegie continued unwrapping him, until, finally, when Zane was completely out of the swaddle, his arms and legs stiffened, stretching straight up toward the ceiling and the groaning reached a crescendo. Peegie was laughing so hard there were tears running down his cheek, and he could barely repeat the story to me.

Another good use for a baby: entertainment at 5:00AM.


Keysgal@QuietWater said...

That is so funny. I could just hear the groans of contentment as little Zane is unwrapped one side of blanket at a time. It's nice to have something to make you laugh @ 5:00 am!

Kristi said...

Isn't that the sweetest? I remember mine just stretching so hard - esp. Kate, and it was precious. She turned 3 years old today. Where has the time gone?