Thursday, November 29, 2007

This Wasn't Part of the Plan

It was bound to happen. In my case it is later rather than sooner (thankfully...)

As my doctor wrote in the note for my employer, "Paige is experiencing a complication of pregnancy that requires bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy."

Toxemia. A wicked disease for which the only cure is delivery of a baby. In the meatime, it's Game Over. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go straight home, lay on your left side, and do not attempt any activity that will elevate your blood pressure. To-do lists, loose ends and plans be damned.

This is so not fun, but it could be worse. MUCH worse. To wit:
  • I could be 26 weeks along, instead of 36 weeks.
  • I could be situated in a job without flexibility, benefits, an understanding boss, and technological resources for telecommuting from home.
  • I could be alone, without a loving and doting baby-daddy to cart me to my "social outings" (i.e. weekly prenatal visits) and keep me company.
  • I could have had a challenging pregnancy from Day One
  • I could be woefully behind in planning for Baby's arrival
  • I could be in the hospital

As it stands, I am resting comfortably in my own home, enjoying the company of my beloved, surrounded by all of my own creature comforts, feeling well and taking it easy. Not bad. And, as Peegie reminded me on Tuesday, we may get to meet our kid even earlier than we thought. Again, not so bad. In fact, life is pretty good.


Kicking N. Screaming said...

Dude. Hope you've got Pong loaded on that machine of yours. This is a drag but of course your health and that of your wee one is tantamount. You are in good company, plenty of the mamas I know were sent to their rooms to finish out the gestation and they're all happily mothering now. I was hoping he'd actually be born on my birthday but now, for your sake, I hope he's hanging his stocking by the chimney with care by the time Christmas eve arrives.

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Thank God for the great medical care that is available to moms-to-be these days. All will be well and I can't wait to hold my newest little grand and rock him to sleep...hopefully he will like my singing better than Todd who put his hand over my mouth to stop the lullaby!

Kristi said...

I played entirely too much sudoku while on bed rest! Here is the website:

Epiphany Alone said...

I had pre-eclampsia with both Lauren and Lindsay. It really is an insidious disease mostly because you feel fine, and yet, you're not. It sounds like they're monitoring you carefully, and I'm sure they've apprised you of the sort of symptoms that you need to keep a watchful eye on. My best advice, having been through "Not Part of the Plan" is to sit down with your OB with babydaddy and discuss what the practice and hospital's protocols are - at what point do they administer blood pressure reducing drugs, induce, and perform c-sections. Also, having been through the big T twice, if they do want to induce, I'd STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get an epidural before they start the pitocin.

Hang in there, Paige. It's going to go a bit differently than you'd planned, but Ziggy will be along before you know it :)

*pab said...

Thanks for the advice, Epiphany. You are correct in that I FEEL fine, but I have this nagging worry that I'm a walking time-bomb or something. Fortunately, I see TWO different doctors - an OB, and a perinatologist - within the same practice, so I have built-in "second checks" and I know nothing bad will happen to either me or Ziggy.

I am terrified of being induced, after seeing the experience of my sister with her first baby. I'll definitely ask about the epidural before pitocin, if they choose to go that way.

I'm so close to the magic "37 weeks" number, that I'm hoping my OB will say "okay, let's pick a date to have a baby!" Peegie (baby-daddy) and I are ready...we were so far ahead of the game before the big T, that now we're just ready to meet our kid and get this party started!

karen said...

Hang in there! Get some movies and snuggle up or something - trust me when I say you should try to enjoy every last minute of baby-free time you have left, toxemia or no. I swear you'll blink, Ziggy will be turning nine and you'll wonder where all the time went and wish you were still pregnant...

Chaotic Joy said...

Just coming over from Worst Mama to check on you. It's hard to be a worst mama when you are on doctor enforced bedrest, but I am very happy to see you are following doctor's orders. Sending up prayers for a smooth labor delivery road for you. And take advantage of the pampering. This is the last time for many many years that things will be all about you.