Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving a Family Way

For as long as I can remember, Thanksgiving has been about Grandmama's House. My mother grew up in Fort Deposit, a tiny town in SW Alabama, and most of her family still lives in or near there. After she and my father married and moved to Florida, my mother started the tradition of returning to Grandmama's every year at Thanksgiving, to celebrate the holidays. She missed seeing her family at Christmas, but felt strongly attached to the new Christmas traditions we - as a family - shared in Clearwater. So, the Thanksgiving extravaganza was born, and so it continues. This year marks 33 years.

As the oldest grandchild, I am clearly the most delinquent for I have missed the celebration twice.

In 1999, Peegie and I spent a gorgeous and lovely Thanksgiving week sailing the Exumas aboard Buddy, drinking rum, swimming in gin-clear water, soaking up the sun, eating Healthy Choice turkey from the package and dancing under the stars.

This year, I am at home, 35 weeks' pregnant, STRONGLY advised to stay close to home and my very capable doctors...

Yesterday, as I thought about the goings-on at my Grandmama's house, in preparation for the big day, I got a bit sad thinking, "my whole family is there, and I can't be there, and I really miss being there for this holiday."

Then it hit me: MY whole family is HERE. Peegie, Ziggy and me. That is MY whole family, and here we are, together. I have much to be thankful for.


Anonymous said...

We really missed you both in AL---but don't think we could have gotten two more people in G'mama's house---especially not a cute little pregnant mama! But we had a good time and it was great to catch up with everyone. Can't wait till your little one gets here---you are INDEED a family now!
Auntie Ellen

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

We missed all of you in Fort D so much and look forward to you being there next year. I thought about you all day and I too felt some sadness that you weren't there but got a big smile on my face when I then thought about why you weren't there.I am gonna start lobbying now that we have dinner @ either Aunt J's or Aunt E's or Aunt L's (fingers and toes are crossed they get the BIG house they are looking to buy) next year. Our extended family just keeps getting bigger every year (little ones growing up and new little ones) and the little house in Fort D just can't accomodate us all any more....not at one time. Love you.

Kristi said...

Hey, wait! :) I love it at Grandmama's - it's cramped but it is THANKSGIVING!

I thought about you, too, Paige. I have been in that position, were you missed some big family time because of your pregnancy. Believe me, it will all be worth it. Just think, Brooks was born at 35 weeks, 3 days. And, that was after 8 weeks in the bed!

Kicking N. Screaming said...

Hey, you think he mucked up your Thanksgiving plans, wait till you see what he does to Christmas! Oh, and it just goes on and on once they're here. But I know you know this already - it's worth every second of it. I'M thankful you're reproducing, you're going to be a wonderful mama.

*pab said...

Thanks, K&S! Phil and I are both ready to meet this kid and get this adventure started!