Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I think my breast pump is trying to tell me something. The sound it makes as it rhythmically expresses mommy's milk for Z is something akin to "WHACK-o, WHACK-o, WHACK-o." The cadence of the message depends on the setting, so, when I adjust the pump to a faster setting, it sounds like a hoarse Marilyn Monroe on crack calling me crazy. It's true enough these days; I mean, really, why else would I voluntarily relocate to Tallahassee (a solid 7-hour drive from Fort Myers...) for 9 weeks, with my 3-month-old baby, away from my love and my beautiful home, to work a ridiculous schedule at the Capitol and be a full-time single mom? Clearly the breast pump is right.


LMP said...

Holy cow (no pun intended, though I recall the urge to moo while using the breast pump all too well). If it's not right yet, it's at least predicting the very near future! Call if you need comfort and assurance that you'll survive!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Hang in there. You don't have very much longer to be in Tallahassee and you and the pump are making sure little Z has the right stuff. Love you.